No pre trib Rapture

The first thing that happened in Capernum in the ministry of Jesus was he went to the synagogue and cast out a demon.. Don’t be hiding under rocks when these so called Christians who are demon possessed START manifesting before you in the church.. You show fear they jump all over you to. You better be right in the Lord when that begins to happen… This will be another sign that goes before the coming of our Lord. Also the great revival as the spirt of God is about to be completey poured out and its about to break loose. This is a sign of the messiah coming. All THE SIGNS ARE APPEARING ON EARTH AND IN THE HEAVENS. THE SUN THE MOON THE STARS. PEOPLE TAKE HEED THE SIGNS APPEARING AND YOU MUST BE PREPARED AT WHAT IS ABOUT TO HIT THIS, EARTH.. GOD TOLD NOAH I WILL DESTROY THE EARTH WITH THE EARTH… HELLO…. THE EARTH WILL BE BURNT UP MANY CATASTROPHIC EVENTS WILL TAKE PLACE MANY WILL DIE IN THEIR SHAME. PRAY YOU ARE WORTHY TO ESCAPE THESE THINGS TO COME. GOD DID NOT APPOINT YOU TO THE WRATH HE SAID YOU WILL SUFFER TRIBULATION…. THIS IS NO PRE TRIB RAPTURE I HATE TO BE THE BEARER OF BAD NEWS. IT A LIE FROM THE PIT OF HELL…

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