God is shaking his fist at the west

I have had a vision of the west before but on 1/22/18, 3 nights ago I had a vision of great trembling and fear at what I saw. I felt like Daniel I needed to be ministered to. It was terrible. I saw the Lords fist shaking at THE WEST and then I saw multitudes of hands stretched forth coming from the waters. I felt THEM saying save me save me. And then the Lord took be back to the time of Noah him on the ark then he took me back to the west. I wailed at what I saw I was in great distress seeing all of this. I was crying out to of God. God is SHAKING HIS FIST AT THE WEST. I know many prophets have seen west coast. I mean I saw all of it happen it was so awful for them. Please keep them in prayers many things are happening in this season the signs are appearing all over especially in the heavens of alignment and moon cycles and stars. Not many people understand what is really coming to this earth and this nation. We are in the times of the end. The earth is crying out to its creator and God is very sad and angry at the abominations we have committed against him. God bless you sis. I speak this to you from the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ the one who died for my sins the one who rose 3 days later from the grave. Amen amen amen..

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