Warning to THE WEST 

I know who goes before me for he is the Lord who’s hand is MIGHTY THAT NO MAN SHALL DOUBT.. For his wrath is not far away but his grace on his people is plentiful. Who dares to question the mighty hand of God. For you shall see you shall see what I am about to do. For the sign of Jonah will hit the land and the signs of my coming of healing and restoration will strike the hungry. The ones who Toddle in their shame you wait and see. For the Lord has prepared a place for you and I shall pour my vengeance out on you and you shall desire to eat your flesh. Wickedness worms and snares come upon you like a thief of the night. You keep doubting the strength of whom CREATED ALL? YOU DESIRE TO WALK IN YOUR WICKED WAYS.. NO MORE SAYS THE LORD FOR I HAVE SET MY FACE AGAINST YOU AND YOU WILL TREMBLE AT WHAT COMES UPON YOUR LAND. this is a warning unto THE WEST. WAIT AND SEE WAIT AND SEE SAYS THE LORD…… AMEN…… AMEN….. AMEN…. HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD..

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