And he did NOT do many mighty works there, because of their unbelief… Matthew 13:58..

IF you don’t believe in all of what the Lord can do then it won’t happen. We must believe with all of our heart and our hearts being subject to to the most high HOLY TRUE one. You must not despise prophecies but rather receive them. You must believe you can be healed when his river is flowing. If THE SPIRT of God is flowing and deliverance is occurring please BELIEVE.. You will be left out if you do.. I feel a mighty shifting occurring and a SHAKING coming in the spirit. The word will be given to those who believe not those who question it. It will be given to the ones who hunger and thirst for his word. If you don’t honor his word then you don’t believe in it which means you won’t receive it… I hear much word to the church in this hour about disbelief. So let’s move into THE NEW YEAR WITH A NEW BELIEF excepting all of what Christ wants to do for you… He wants you to BREAKTHROUGH HE WANTS YOU TO BE HEALED HE WANTS YOU TO BE SET FREE. SO I HEAR HIM SAYING BELIEVE… BELIEVE…. BELIEVE…. DOUBT NOT BUT BELIEVE IN ALL THINGS. DO NOT PUT A LIMIT ON GOD THERE ARE NONE WITH HIM.. .AMEN…

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