We teach our youth abominations. And a Generation will rise up thinking what’s wrong is right and what’s right is wrong.. Confused… God is not the author of confusion. Delusion….. Believing such a lie is true…..As I hear all this and see all this I also see in the midst of all of this the same generation rising up for the Lord… Preparing the way for the coming of our king. Bringing forth THE SWORD the word of the living God. TRUTH. PEOPLE DENYING THE POWER OF THE ALMIGHTY GOD. SPEAKING WORDS OF LIES AND DECEPTION TO FEED THERE OWN BELLYS… OH but if they only new what comes before them in that day. Oh how they will wish they could die. Men will seek death and not find it in that day…… 

November 10-2017

Blessed is his name in whom is HOLY. The LAMB ALMIGHTY

The Lord in whom created ALL THINGS FOR HIS GLORY, That his glory be known And that his power be revealed by his chosen vessels. Chosen when the foundation of the EARTH WAS LAID. When God created the heaven and the earth… We as you and I have been chosen since then. We are his chosen. Chosen anointed vessels of the MOST HIGH GOD…Ordained by him, taught by him secured by him. Loved by him, granted unlimited access to the TRUE LIVING GOD. Knowing if and when we call in his name his ear hears the cries of his chosen anointed ones,THE RIGHTEOUS ONES. HE hears the cries of his people. And his ear is inclined to our prayers meaning he is always listening to us In all we do. And ALL we do is want to serve the master day in day OUT. Seeking to please the MASTER.

I’m so glad we serve an OMNIPOTENT Awestruck GOD, In whom is very much alive and who does not change…We change. Man changes the hearts change..We are the one who has forsaken HIM.They forgot him. The people have forgotten /forsaken him the ONE TRUE LIVING GOD. Pretending he don’t exist. Being filled with doctrines of demons and doctrines of MAN. a TWISTED MESSED up VERSION that WAS TO HAVE AN OUT LOOK OF HOW GOD IS. COMPLETELY CHANGING THE TRUE LIVING WORD. Making it pleasing to ITCHING EARS.. To self please his creation. To self please ourselves. But I heard the Lord speak and he says “I AM THE LORD YOU GOD I AM THE GOD OF JACOB, ISAAC, ABRAHAM FOR I WAS AT THE BEGINNING AND I AM AT THE VERY END. FOR GOD IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER MORE. MY WORD DOES NOT CHANGE…. I DO NOT CHANGE. FOR WHEN I SPEAK A PROMISE UNTO TO IT IS TRUTH. MANY MANY HAVE BEEN OFFENDED BY THE TRUTH AND YOU THINK TI CAN CHANGE THAT????? THE LORD SAYS NO…. FOR HEAVEN AND EARTH WILL PASS AWAY BUT” MY WORD” will Remain.