Warning to the Church

warningFather, you shall reign forever Dear Lord, you shall rise against all evil. Father you will prevail against what is of wrong doing.

Dear Lord let your blessings come down like rain, and with the blessings that come to the righteous, the Wrath comes to the wicked. At this time and hour has come for the saved of the earth to Rejoice for our fathers coming and the lost to hide as cowards.

Oh Lord my God I am blessed , Oh how I was in the wilderness lost and could not find my way out you brought me out, you brought ALL of your chosen out to seek the path of good, to fill them with YOU, to fill them with good, joy and peace, to fill all of our emptiness.  Most of all to give us love and Glory, to use to glorify you my God. To use for greater good,  to dig the prideful out of their pride, to make the greedy love something far more important than the lust of money.

Oh Father while I was in the wilderness you showed me something dear God you showed me what’s to come dear Lord. Father how can it be? How is this possible dear Lord?

Wisdom says the Lord:

For you seek not the light but seek the lamp. For your shallow inside and beautiful out. For I gave unto you for you did not give back. For the day has come to take back what was given to you. For your trespasses were forgiven but you did not change. You lived the same as you came to me says the Lord. The Wilderness was far away from you and you went back, you chose to go back into that deep dark place and love things of this world. You fed me but never turned away now it’s time to cut your light out and there will be no more lamp. The shade has come upon you so that you are cursed to never come back. You played with my heart, my father warned me of you. You tricked me because you seek something only I can give you.  You seeked me when convenient for you. No more I will cut you off as I did my people. I will let you burn for eternity in that place oh Father please Lord.

Strike one
Strike two
Strike three.


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