The day has come (Prophetic Word)

dah has come

Oh Lord the troubles that we face Dear God. The trials that are ahead Dear God. The mighty Wrath as fire called from the heaven.

They are hungry, they are thirsty, they are dirty. Their sins and shame has caught up with them oh Lord. They are blind they still do not see the mighty Wrath of Our Lord Has Come.

He pours out one bowl at a time Angel after Angel, judgement after Judgement. They curse you father they hate you oh Lord. While they lay in their burdens their sins, suffering, burning, thirsty, their Souls slowly withering away. They did not seek you father they did not call upon your name.

Heat, destruction, shakings, your Wrath dear Lord. Wrath that only you can create. Oh Father spare them dear Lord spear than one hour of your Wrath for the time is here and you warned them again and again. You laid all the signs in front of them dear God. Why father? Why? I weep for their pains, I whale at what is to come.

The agony they will bear and not call on the name of the Lord.

Father is it pride dear Lord? Is it doubt? Is it resistance Heavenly Father? What is it that makes them so blind of you father.

And the Lord says that they have worship false gods they call upon their names but no one will answer for I destroyed all and more to come. Those Gods cannot save anyone. FOR I AM THE LORD ALMIGHTY THE ONE TRUE GOD, THE ONLY GOD. FOR I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE VERY END. For whom I create I will destroy. The day has come my children for I have loved you and now I have forsaken you. You turned to other Idols instead of seeking me I have rebuked you as well as my father has.

I tried to reason for you for your failures . I tried to plead for your soul , my father says judgement upon you and your people and the mighty Day Has Come.


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