Gather your Elect


Oh Lord look at your beautiful creation. The Sun, the Stars, the sky, the birds of the Earth the green grass, the men and the woman.

Oh Lord how we have forsaken you dear God. We have turned our backs against our Mighty father, Our God our creator.

Father I beg you ,forgive us for what we have done to your Earth. We let the enemy walk right in and take total control over your creation. For he has little time oh Lord little time to destroy the beauty you created.

Lord I pray, I plead I beg that you intervene in this battle. Oh Lord God Almighty come Lord help stop this ravaging Beast who comes like a thief to steal, and to destroy your people and your kingdom. Father Lord how long will it be dear God. How long will it be before you gather your elect. Father how long before the trumpet sounds in the sky to be split from east to west oh Lord. Redeem The Souls of your people Dear God bring us to peace Heavenly Father.

We seek your face dear God we seek your perfect Kingdom where the gates are made of gold and the rivers will flow as they are milk and honey. Oh god, father gather your elect dear God split the heavens open. We crave you oh Lord we wait for you dear God, when the earth shakes and they hide from you, your elect will Rejoice to see our Lord , our father.

When the remnant stays behind they will suffer through your Mighty Wrath. Will they turn from wickedness? Will they seek the path of good? Will they believe in you mighty God? Or will they stand firm to their conventeous, stand firm to their evil, their wicked, idolizing ,unrighteous, unholy lifestyles that they choose to bare.

Father as we rejoice in your kingdom the uncircumcised are here to stay. They suffer through the destruction of the earth. They choose to stay unclean, but if they choose to serve our Almighty King, they won’t suffer anymore, they can serve a mighty powerful King and trust you God to get them through your Mighty wrath. Fear not of death because they will forever live for eternity in your kingdom.

Rejoice ol’ souls Rejoice , for your father has finished his mighty Works. Bow down Servants of our God are you worthy to stay in the Kingdom until the day of judgment? Enjoy your time in thee.

Will the servants stay in your Mighty Kingdom or will they be kicked out to that place where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Oh Lord I pray that we can stay and praise you in your kingdom . Mighty God I pray Lord for the souls in the pit. Lord I pray that all their thirsts be quenched. Oh Father redeem them O Lord spare the judgement coming father.

Oh dearly beloved give them one hour of Grace and of love for they didn’t believe or do the works of the Lord but the works of evil. I rebuke them and deny them says the Lord as many as I love I rebuke. For they never had faith or love or patience or labor, I send them to that place. There will be no turning back when the day of the Lord judges. Oh Lord oh Lord how I pray I am worthy dear God. Father I seek your word your works, your spirit dear God father forgive me for I have sinned for I was born into sin lived my life in sin and rolled around in sin.

Father one day you came into me and made me believe maybe it was a prayer answered maybe it was your will dear God. Now that I truly believe all the emptiness that was in me is now filled with Glory. Your Glory. A peace and a will to do the works of the righteous. Love all even my neighbors ,even my enemies, even my adversaries. A will to do good a need to help, a conviction of faith a want to make right a tender heart of forgiveness. The same forgiveness that lies in you Lord. The Forgiveness gave when you bared all our burdens on that cross. Dear God all you ask is we turn from sin and follow the living word and your Holy Spirit.


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