For the Hour is closing in


For the judgement of the Lord draws near my children. So I heard you to turn away from the life you live in. The hour is closing in you would wish you were seeking his face instead of turning away from him and rebelling against him.

For no sin is allowed in our Mighty Kingdom, no dirt will enter. All of the heavens are the purest of pure and the goldest of gold.

For you are all so dirty you will wish you were clean. When the day of judgement comes you will hide from what is to come your way.

For the heavens will be shaken and the Earth will move and all Nations will move away from their alignment. Each King judged based on their works. Based on each sin they have allowed. Based on each time they rebelled instead of relying.

For the time has come for you all to be raised by the wrath of God. Your kingdom shall fall. Your food will cease your water supply will dry up and your people will suffer.

  • They will turn;
  • Blood against blood
  • Evil against evil
  • Shepard against Shepard
  • Flock against flock

For no peace shall be rendered on this Earth- No more

Nation’s Rising against Nation from the North winds to the South Winds to the East Winds to the West Winds of all four corners shall be a ruins.

The mighty Wrath of the Lord has started do you like me now?

Do you believe in me now?

Do you feel me now?

Yes you feel me !! You feel my vengeance my blood my power forced upon you , you feel no glory you only beg for mercy

Even the mountains tremble at what’s to come. Blood, Fire, Brimstone, smoke, it’ll be a furnace, Pure wrath.

For I called upon you I waited I’m still waiting waiting for you to call upon my name waiting for you to see I am your only hope.

Allah can not save you, Buddha can not save you, Sorath can not save you, the Sun and the Moon cannot save you, children’s sacrifices will not save you. Only I the Lord Almighty can give you peace within, I the Lord can save you and nourish you through these times to come.

For the Lord says seek my face. Fix your eyes on the mountain. He Shall have mercy. mercy on your soul, mercy on your pity, mercy on your thirst, mercy on your hunger, mercy on all things.

For in the last days whoever calls upon the name of the Lord he shall be saved.

He will give you that drink, he will give you that hidden Manna he will garment you he will nurture you he will redeem your lost soul. He will bring you out of the Wilderness and show you the light.

Trust in the light now child I will not forsake you as you forsake me.

The Lord loves you, he always has but now you must surrender to him it’s a whole new battle you must trust you must realize you must not doubt. For God is faithful and you need to know this.

For you were once lost and now you’re found. Don’t be blind and see. See the things he shows you. He makes them so clear sometimes we are so blind we don’t see. We miss the blessings or ignore them due to doubt or we resist because of fear, or we stray because of temptation. Have faith saith the Lord.

When the mountains fall and the Seas rage the Sun scorches and the men rise, seek our Lord for he will get you through all of it you shall be delivered by the grace and love of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.


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