Fleshly desires and Judgement upon the Nations


The Works of the flesh greed, envy,  unholiness. For they need nothing. They show no compassion for one another. They love no one but themselves. They seek riches and fine clothes and jewelry they wrap themselves and Sapphire, emerald and gold.

Oh Lord show them that they need more than riches. Father forgive them for they live in greed and envy. I the Lord will vomit them all doers of unrighteousness all workers of the flesh, evil out of my mouth.

For our father was pierced for our transgressions and he gave his life for our Salvation. You  unrighteous workers of worldly greed. Money cannot buy what I can give you greed is just a temporary fix to a lifelong problem. Oh Lord forgive us for our transgressions for when the Finger of God comes before thee, you will see,  your eyes will be open and then you will believe in the father, The One, The  Almighty.

But I  the Lord will pour out my wrath upon you evildoers I will make you suffer. When you cry to die I will make it impossible to leave you shall reap what you have sowed. You had your chance I gave and showed you all the signs. Pre warned you of all of this for it was written to seek and focus on me instead you choose to seek the path of evil and unrighteous. You let the enemy lead your salvation and choose not to seek the true God, the one God the almighty God.

Now is the time you will see what the Father has in store for you.  All you evildoers go against MY people, I will show you. Get on your knees and beg for salvation. For it is too late you had your chance. I foretold you all the day of the Lord is coming. For it has come I will gather my people all who seek me, all who love me , all who are faithful. They will be redeemed from the Wrath of the Lord for the time has come to judge the Nations based on their Works Persia I will desolate you till’  no more of you are left . You worship him a false god a liar and a deceiver. To all of you who rely on Buddha.  The mountains shall fall upon you.  To the nation’s who turned away from me.  For you have kept my word and did my work for the greater good.  I will take all of you and Shake you and flood you with Great Waves the Lord Almighty has come against the ones who have turned away from my works and laws. To all of you and Babylon watch as I slowly destroy you.

My workers of faith who do great works for me and seek me I will give you Eternity for your greatness but don’t you dare be a lukewarm for it is written about lukewarm . God bless you and fix your eyes on the mountain and receive your patiently wait for your reward. Me in you, Me guiding you, Me loving you, Me showing you, Me having faith in you to spread MY word.

For the time has come the Lord is a flaming fire and disgusted at all of you. Look what you have done you have turned completely Against My Father’s Word.   You make Abominations to me you falsify  my word you worship false gods you worship my mother.

Seek for you will pay for what you have done.






Stay strong my children, and have faith Jehovah has spoken and your time will shine.

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