A Mighty Prayer for his Children


Holy, holy are you the Lamb Almighty I pray for your servants, I pray for your workers, I pray for their faith in you.

Gracious father I pray your servants, your workers have faith to trust what you speak dear God. I pray heavenly father that they trust in you Lord. I pray they seek all of you to do the works of your spirit.

Lord I pray your righteous workers obey in you Lord, I pray they listen father, I pray they never fall from your grace. Lord oh Lord I pray that they bring the lost to Redemption they heal the sick and do the work of you for you Lord.  Heavenly Father, grant them the love, faith, the Glory that lives in you . That they seek every piece of you father that they Seek You Lord as I do.  I Seek You father I love you Daddy.

I finally have a daddy I can rely on I can count on, that I can trust when I am in a storm, I can seek when the mountain falls. A Daddy I can trust in, a Daddy who loves me even when I fall. A Lord who created me in his Image, a savior who no matter my fault will accept me With Arms Wide Open. A father who has healed me and purified me a father who washed me who cleansed me who took all my dirty garments and made them white as snow. A Creator who created me perfect in his eyes no matter what the world thinks.

A master who I can serve graciously, eagerly and ambitiously with the love he gives me. A God I crave and strive to glorify to please because he is all I seek these days.

A savior who paid for all of my debts, all of my failures all of my sins all of my filth, all of my disease all of my sick all of my life to give me eternal life.

A father who has made the most brutal, painful sacrifice of all the most torture the most hate was given to you on that day.

Father you believed in us, you trusted in us, and all you ask is we fulfill your laws.

You paid for all of it, every last piece. You had a father to get you through the struggles through more pain than we could ever imagine. Just like we have a father A Lord to get us through a everything as long as we believe  like you believed on that day.

Father I ask you Lord to give me the same Faith you have in us dear God, make us strong and bold like you, make us carpenter’s Lord Carpenters of the Cross father make us fisherman daddy make us fishermen of men and women and children dear God. Make us like you desire as you see fit father. For we love you Lord we seek to please you dear God we Cherish You Lord and trust in  you Daddy.

Don’t turn away from us, make us like the Carpenters and like the fishermen so we can let the whole world hear about you and your sacrifice. Let the whole world feel your love, and your grace and every bit of your glory Dear God.

Let’s restore these nations, All Nations under God to Deliver Us from Evil. For they is the kingdom the power of the Holy Spirit. Your spirit will save,  your love will give peace,  You glory will amplify in us Lord. We love you dear God, give us your love. Give us your glory. Give us your faith. Give us your strength to take a mighty stand for your laws Lord make us like you Lord able to resist the devil able to resist temptation. Faith to trust you will Deliver Us from all of the storms and battles that come our way dear Lord. Thank you Lord thank you Lord for all you do father. For there is no one above you Lord no one like you.

Lord there is so much power in you and believing in you father you give us so much Authority when we seek you father. When we believe in you Lord. I pray Lord that all of creation Believe In You Lord to trample on the enemy father , to bind it and chain him up and deliver him where he belongs.

Father let’s start an evolution in you dear God and make all seek you.


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