The time is near (Prophetic Prayer)

end is near

Total darkness is approaching this nation. Those who are lost cannot hear, they cannot see. I pray they hear, they see, they seek to drink from the fountain to drink from the tree of life

The lost have hope the Lost are thirsty the Lost strive, they seek something. The drink is right there, all they have to do is take one sip. One sip will change their lives. One sip and they will be thirsty for more life, they shall never thirst again.

May the storms be shattered in the chains be broken May the dark seek the light to the righteous path of salvation. May the Lord deliver all of them from all their sorrows, all their pains, all their thirst all their chains. Oh Lord how long will it be Oh God I Seek you now Savior of the world. I thirst for you, I seek your life, your love, your strength, your hope. I seek all of you dear God.

Righteous father oh how I need you every hour dear Lord I need you father. The hour is approaching for the enemy to come with great wrath against the Offspring of your children.

Oh God savior of all creation, oh how dear God, I pray that the Lost find Salvation. Dear God, I pray the righteous have strength against the mighty Wrath of Satan dear God, creator of the world the king of kings and Lord of lords. My god oh how I seek the path of righteousness. Father I seek the same path for all Dear God.

When the hour closes in father I pray that we are worthy to enter into your kingdom. Dear God I pray that the Lost find hope. I pray they never thirst again. Father your spirit is here with me and Lord I pray they feel your tender love, your peace, your joy, your kindness and your faithfulness.

Your presence is beauty, it’s pure, it’s love and unconditional. Oh how I am so blessed to have a father, a friend, a protector, a guider a mighty Force, a Creator, and a king who I can always count on.

Father, I seek your light, I rely on you oh God to get me through all the darkness. Father I trust in you when the storms approach that you will calm each and every one, that you will deliver me from the enemy. Your promise to us Lord is if we give all of us to you , you will give all of you to us. Father help me give all of me to you each and every piece of me.

Lord You Are My Shelter, father you are my comforter ,you are my eyes, my ears. Spirit you are my words. Jesus you are my love, my life, my rock. Help me dear God love like you love, live like you live, nearly perfect. Father how I will never be perfect like you but dear God make me and mold me as you shall.

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